September 6, 2012

I you are like me, you loathe the years we hold presidential elections. First, the ads are incessant. Second, I feel like it’s being an A’s fan all over again. Your team never wins. That said, here is an insightful piece by Al Mohler. He helps his readers understand that now more than ever the election this year is about clashing worldviews.

One of the more perplexing issues in the Bible is God’s love. Does God love everyone, and if so, why does he sent the people he loves to hell? Kevin DeYoung summarizes truth found in Don Carson’s book The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of GodAs is often the case when thinking about theology, the issue is tricky.

For those of you pursuing a college education, here is some wisdom to keep everything in balance.

Life often includes spiritual storms. You know, those times when you face more temptation than usual to doubt God’s love and care. As you probably know, there is no magic formula or incantation that whisks us away from these dark times. Here is some encouragement for the next time the wind picks up from the south.


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