The Urgency of the Gospel

August 13, 2012

“The hearing of the gospel involves the hearer in responsibility. It is a great privilege to hear the gospel. You may smile and think there is nothing very great in it. The damned in hell know. Oh, what would they give if they could hear the gospel now? If they could come back and entertain but the shadow of a hope that they might escape from the wrath to come? The saved in heaven estimate this privilege at a high rate, for, having obtained salvation through the preaching of this gospel, they can never cease to bless their God for calling them by his word of truth. O that you knew it! On your dying beds the listening to a gospel sermon will seem another thing than it seems now.”

C.H. Spurgeon


3 Responses to “The Urgency of the Gospel”

  1. ancientcures Says:

    Wonderful words, Salvation comes by hearing and hearing by the word of GOD. There is a responsibility on the part of the hearer to receive or reject what is said. James told us to be Doers of the Word and not Hearers only. Thank you for your post, Spurgeon had such a way with words that get inbetween the layers and get to the heart of matter. GOD has spoken and our responsibility is to listen and receive. Thanks again.

  2. Marie Smith Says:

    I am frustrated with myself, that I must be reminded over and over that it is of supreme importance that I share the Gospel with those who don’t know.

  3. Mark Says:

    I track with you, Marie. I’m often simply too much into my own agenda.

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