August 10, 2012

I was on vacation and then we had no Internet. Now we’re back and the Internet is back so I can once again blog.

First, here is a helpful piece that we at Bowman need to think about. It is entitled “10 Ways to Ensure I’ll Never Revisit your Church.” We have lots of visitors but few return in a sustained fashion.

Here is a wonderful piece about how we might infuse the gospel into our everyday conversations. Let’s do it.

I often mention that Proverbs 22:6 is a just that, a proverb and not a promise. Here Mark Coppenger unpacks the verse. I don’t know of any other element of our lives that keeps us more in touch with God than our children.

Because we are fallen, we often think of God as BORING. How sad is this? Words fail me. Here Kevin DeYoung citing Chesterton helps us fight the silliness.

Here are a couple of book deals. Sinclair Ferguson’s book “In Christ Alone: Living the Gospel Centered Life” is $0.99 in the Kindle format. Most of us have probably watched “Chariots of Fire” at some point in our lives. The main character, Eric Liddell, wrote a book called “The Disciplines of the Christian Life.” It is free this month from Christian Audio.

Finally, here are two of my favorite folks talking about about the Christian life. I bought the book being discussed for my Dad earlier this year.

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