Saturday Destinations

July 28, 2012

The Lugg family will be on holiday next week. We’ll be vacationing at a location with a minimal Internet connection. This to say that this will probably be my last post for well over a week.

Here is a vintage iMonk piece on the law-gospel distinction. Read and reflect. You’ll better understand my preaching by reading this post. Here is a taste:

For one thing, most of us have heard so much law preaching that we’re drowning in it. Most Baptists love it, too, or say they do. “You really told them today, preacher. You let ‘em have it” or my fave as a young preacher-boy “You really stepped on our toes today.” I must not have done it right then, because the law KILLS you, not annoys you, so you can be resurrected, not corrected.

Continuing in the same vein, here Joe Thorn in a short piece talks about how what we really need isn’t law but justification.

Finally, Jerry Bridges deals with the issue of who is a saint. He reminds us that all believers are saints.

It is a very unfortunate and unhelpful thing that we so often misunderstand this short, simple word. To use a word that applies to all Christians in a way that suggests there is a special, elite class of Christians is doubly wrong: it steals from the church important truths that God intended to communicate through the idea of sainthood, and it promotes jealousy and division within the body of Christ by suggesting a hierarchy that does not exist.


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