Aurora Responses

July 21, 2012

Perhaps my first response to a tragedy like Aurora is to try to climb into the head of the villain. What makes a person do what he did? Then there are thoughts of relief that my family is still with me; then I’m moved to pray for those who are grieving because someone they love is no longer with them. Down the line I begin to wonder why it is that males do these sorts of things and females don’t. These events also remind me of how frequently my life is consumed with the trite. I worry that the napkins are folded properly while the roast is burning. Of course, in the end, there is no sense to senselessness. Here are two helpful reflections on the awful tragedy. First, here is a post that reminds us that in this world we live on the edge of tragedy and beauty.

These tragedies are so close. A reminder that we are just a breath away from catastrophe. It is as if we are walking along the edge of a knife, balancing, hoping that we will stay on top, but knowing that only a wisp of air separates us from what could be.

In the second, Al Mohler, points us to the cross where we see God entering history to fix what is broken. He quotes Henri Blocher:

Evil is conquered as evil because God turns it back upon itself. He makes the supreme crime, the murder of the only righteous person, the very operation that abolishes sin. The maneuver is utterly unprecedented. No more complete victory could be imagined. God responds in the indirect way that is perfectly suited to the ambiguity of evil. He entraps the deceiver in his own wiles. Evil, like a judoist, takes advantage of the power of good, which it perverts; the Lord, like a supreme champion, replies by using the very grip of the opponent.


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