June 29, 2012

First, there are a couple of ebook deals that need mentioning. First, Desiring God is offering a free ebook entitled Take Care How You Listen. The book discusses how to listen to a sermon. Second Mile Marker 825 is $2.99 for Nook and Kindle. 35 people have reviewed it on the Amazon site and all 35 people gave it 5 stars. Here’s the book’s blurb:

On January 15, 2002, this man’s car flipped 5 times, his wife died, & his skull cracked open… but he was rescued… Join Jason Mirikitani on his miraculous real-life journey that is both heart-wrenching and heart-warming… as he re-learned faith in a God that was present when He seemed most absent, hope in a God when He seemed most unreliable, and love for a God that seemed to leave him in the dark. This unbelievable story will grab you and not let you go… and leave you at the end with a refreshed sense of newness and trust in a faithful God.

Erik Raymond has written a helpful piece encouraging husbands to not treat their wives like a guy.

Finally, Dane Ortlund’s piece on living the gospel is worth reading several times. It is a wonderful reminder of what God has done for us a how we struggle to live the truth. Here’s a tantalizer:

And I suppose the whole Christian life is simply the process of bringing my sense of self, my Identity with a capital ‘I’, the ego, my swirling internal world of fretful panicky-ness arising out of that gospel deficit, into alignment with the more fundamental truth … You are this new being, fundamentally, as one united to Christ. So wake up tomorrow and do whatever you have to–with a Bible, singing, prayer, meditation, a friend, listening to a sermon, a walk around the block–do whatever you must to start your day in gospel alignment.


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