Several Links About Family

June 12, 2012

Ever wonder about those familial curses scripture talks about. Maybe your kids’ bad behavior has been passed down from a long-dead ancestor. Here R.C. Sproul Jr. grapples with the question.

Second, here is a post by Luma Simms about raising gospel-centered children. It offers good things to think about. Here’s a quote:

By pure grace, almost two years ago, I was convicted that I had valued my children’s well-being more than I had valued Jesus. I trembled at the realization that the comfort and safety (even the spiritual safety) of my children, had become more important to me than the person of Christ. Their “godliness” was a higher priority in my own life than was Christ’s glory. For all my talk about holy living, I was unwilling to follow Abraham’s spiritual example. I had denied Christ’s call to forsake all else and follow Him. Instead, I had attempted to supplant the Holy Spirt, to save and sanctify my children by my good works. This is the sad truth of child-centered discipleship—at its core it is self-centered legalism, even rebellion.

One Response to “Several Links About Family”

  1. kim Says:

    Now that will make you think alittle

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