What Did The Founding Fathers Really Believe?

June 6, 2012

Here Justin Taylor Interviews Gregg Frazer who has just finished writing The Religious Beliefs of America’s Founders: Reason, Revelation, RevolutionIf you are interested in what the Fathers really believed, I think this interview is helpful. Here are some of the conclusions Frazer makes:

a) John Adams was so opposed to the idea of the Trinity that he said that he would not believe it if God Himself told him it was true;

b) Adams said that he knew of no better theology than that of the Shastra (a Hindu text);

c) Jefferson and Franklin were not, as is universally held, deists;

d) the story of Washington praying in the snow at Valley Forge is not true;

e) a number of the patriot preachers were not, in fact, Christians—including the most influential of them;

f) the Declaration of Independence was written artfully to appeal to persons of any religious persuasion and allow each to read his own beliefs into it;

g) the key framers essentially “established” their own religious beliefs in the Constitution; and

h) far from erecting a wall of separation between church and state, key founders including Jefferson attended worship services in the House chamber of the Capitol building.


2 Responses to “What Did The Founding Fathers Really Believe?”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. The beliefs of the founding fathers are increasingly interesting to me.

  2. Mark Says:

    Me too! I don’t know near enough to engage people in intelligent conversation.

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