June 5, 2012

I’ve often been frustrated with the struggle to capture an event with photographs. In the rush to document the graduation, wedding, or performance one might actually miss the moment. Here Tim Challies reminds us of this potentiality.

Here are some ebooks that are free today only. First, That’s My Teenage Son: How Moms Can Influence Their Boys to Become Good Men is free for Kindle and Nook. Second, What a Son Needs From His Dad: How a Man Prepares His Sons for Life is also free for Kindle and Nook.

What makes Christianity different from all other religions? Here Tim Keller gives us a great illustration that communicates the difference.

Speaking of Tim Keller, here are his 10 tips for sharing our faith. Pretty good advice.

You might have heard about the Daniel diet? It is quite the rage ins some churches. Here Mike Horton discusses the underlying hermeneutic. It is a helpful read.

Tiger Woods is winning again. Can we as believers root for such a expletive tossing philanderer? Barnabas Piper grapples with the question.


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