The Eclipse and Theism

May 21, 2012

Yesterday, most of us were dazzled by the solar eclipse. Debbie and I were blessed yesterday afternoon with some eclipse glasses gifted to us by Dennis Mitchell. This was an unforeseen blessing. I traveled to town early Thursday morning to bag some glasses only to be told that I needed to try again on Friday. At that point I assumed that we wouldn’t be seeing the eclipse. Then, Dennis saved the day and we were able to rejoice in God’s amazing creation. All beauty is God’s beauty. Here’s a quote from J. Gresham Machen after viewing an event to one we witnessed yesterday:

When I viewed the spectacle of the total eclipse of the sun at New Haven on the twenty-fourth of January 1925, I was confirmed in my theism. Such phenomena make us conscious of the wonderful mechanism of the universe, as we ought to be conscious of it every day; at such moments anything like materialism seems to be but a very pitiful and very unreasonable thing. I am no astronomer, but of one thing I was certain: when the strange, slow-moving shadow was gone, and the world was bathed again in the wholesome light of day, I knew that the sun, despite its vastness, was made for us personal beings and not we for the sun, and that it was made for us personal beings by the living God.

So true.

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