I’m Hungry

May 14, 2012

This year Debbie and I celebrate 35 years of marriage. Hopefully, we will take a trip somewhere that is fitting for such a milestone. Put differently, we’d like to travel somewhere that radiates the splendor of God. I’m thinking of a tropical island with lots of warm, clear water.

You are probably tracking with me. Most of us love to visit places that offer exquisite beauty. The coast, most of our national parks, or even a stroll up the River Trail all touch something deep within us. Beauty and grandeur just work. Our greatest moments of satisfaction occur when we are so overwhelmed by beauty, food, love, or talent that we forget about our troubles and ourselves.

While I’m looking to visit some warm tropical shore by the end of the year, I realize that the relief offered by those beautiful waters will only be temporary. Alas, all too soon, I will find myself back where I am at this very moment, seated in my chair in the office. And, even if I were able to come up with a plan that would enable us to live out our days in a place like Fiji, I realize that even the attraction of a place like that would fade.

All this to say what we’re all really looking for is heaven. Only God’s infinite glory will satisfy our thirsty hearts forever. The longer we walk this planet we live with the realization that we thirst for something more than what this world offers. I track with Paul’s words in Philippians 1:23, “I am hard pressed between the two. My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better.” Until we’re called home, or Jesus returns, we always understand that even while life is often good, or even very good, all we get to do is akin to smelling the appetizers cooking. If the appetizers smell this good, just imagine how wonderful the feast will be. I’m hungry.


4 Responses to “I’m Hungry”

  1. ancientcures Says:

    Newlyweds always want to go somewhere. So what’s stopping you? Have a great trip.

  2. Mark Says:

    You and Kathy might have a few years on us … but not THAT many! Newlywed is a distant memory.

  3. Scott Willems Says:

    You… wanting to go someplace warm??? Something isn’t right!

  4. Mark Says:

    I’m good with warm during the summer. It’s the hot that I have problems with.

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