May 9, 2012

Yesterday morning I posted the Larissa and Ian video. Several times in the video Piper’s Momentary Marriage was mentioned. If you have some way of reading PDFs (ereader, tablet, or computer) the book can be downloaded here for free.

As you probably know, The Avengers movie is out and doing well. It will probably be a lot of fun to watch. Here Mark Driscoll has some great commentary that highlights the parallels between superheros and the gospel.

Life even for the believer is filled with regrets flowing from our sin and failures. Here Mark Altroggee encourages his readers by reminding them of how God uses even our greatest failures. Good stuff.

I know this won’t interest many of you but it resonates with me. Here, Kevin DeYoung briefly walks his readers through a week of sermon prep. I really connect with his first and last entries. Also, like Kevin the sermons I preach are in flux until I move from behind the pulpit at the end of the service.


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