April 25, 2012

I find ebooks attractive for two main reasons: price and portability. The Kindle I tote in my pocket theoretically holds 3,500 books. I’ve also escaped the incessant need to build bigger bookshelves. I usually will wait until a book goes on sale so I’ll often pay a fraction of the hardcopy price. I must also say that I’m attracted to the instant gratification component of the mix. I hear of an interesting book and within a minute I’d can be reading it. However, I’d be the first to say that in a perfect world I’d also like to have a hardcopy as well. In spite of my general appreciation of ebooks, there are dissenting voices. Here is a piece called Why the Kindle is a Really Bad Kisser. The author is clearly a hardcopy woman. Also, here Tim Challies grapples with the thorny issue of ebook ownership both literal and metaphorical.

Here’s some more free music. I mentioned the first album listed on this page yesterday. I haven’t listened to the kids album (It should be very good – the words are by Sally Lloyd-Jones and the music is by some adept musicians.) but I liked the others listed (Debbie didn’t like the Hymns album.). Also, here is a Rap album by Ronald Johnson who is known as Through Hymn. It is very good. Even though I’m not in any way a fan of rap (hip-hop?, I can’t even converse intelligently about the genre), this album is worth listening to time and time again. It contains rich theology. You will learn theological truth by listening to this stuff. Yes, it is on my iTunes.

How do we answer those who are skeptical of biblical miracles. Craig Keener offers his insight:


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