April 17, 2012

I love Christian music. Particularly, I appreciate hymns, the older the better. By old I don’t mean early twentieth century stuff. For me Fanny Crosby is just a little nouveau. But, I digress. I know that there is a lot of good music out there that isn’t Christian. Here Ray Ortlund encourages us to appreciate good music wherever it is found. Here’s a quote:

So Eric Clapton’s blues guitar, for example, is a preview of coming attractions.  The blues will be brought into heaven.  But there it will be even better.  It will be perfect.  I only hope and pray Eric himself will be there too.

Continuing in a similar vein, what do we do with movies that aren’t God-driven? Here Doug Wilson helps us understand how the message of the medium impacts our thinking.

“You’ll never change.” Sometimes we get caught in this Satanic lie. Here Stephen Altrogge addresses this pernicious lie.

The New York Times had an opinion piece this past Sunday that is entitled “The Downside of Cohabiting Before Marriage.” Turns out that when men and women move in together without the marriage they have conflicting agendas that in the end sow seeds of discontent. Who knew?

Once again continuing in the same vein, “How To Ruin Your Life By 30” is free today for Nook and Kindle. A hardcopy of the book will set you back about 11 bucks. I might know some 40 year-olds who need to read this book.

Five Reasons You Should Take A Nap Each Day.” I like the sound of that.


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