April 11, 2012

Sometimes we can think that some of our sins are private sins. They are private in the sense that no one is immediately privy to what we’re doing or thinking. Yet, in another sense there is no such thing as a private sin. Sometimes our sin is shouted from the rooftop like David’s sin. Other times our sin has a ripple effect through the lives of those we love. Here Bryant Hansen reminds us of this important truth.

Here Barnabas Piper reminds us of myth of fairness. He discusses the idea that “everyone is a winner.” We serve our children well when we help them understand that both winning and losing is part of life.

By now you’ve heard that Thomas Kinkade died last Friday. Just saying his name brings to mind warm, fuzzy pictures. This piece focuses on some of his earlier stuff that was a bit darker, more realistic.

What is Your Definition of Love?

So if your definition of “love” stresses affectionate feelings more than unselfish actions, you will cripple your ability to maintain and grow strong love relationships. On the other hand, if you stress the action of love over the feeling, you enhance and establish the feeling. That is one of the secrets of living life, as well as marriage.

The Meaning of Marriage, Tim Keller

(HT:  Josh M.)


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