March 16, 2012

Once again there is too much good stuff out on the Internet these days.

Here are some current ebook deals. The site only lists Amazon deals but often Barnes will offer the same price. I hear “Tactics” is a good book on how to witness by simply asking questions. Of course, I was able to pay full price for it.

We as individual Christians are to be about loving our neighbor. Here is a story that is worth reading. The story’s point is that we can be oblivious to those in the church who desperately need our help.

People, even believers, rationalize divorce all the time. Here Russell Moore tackles the question of whether or not we should divorce if two people are miserable. You know the answer. Here’s a quote:

If you take the nuclear option of divorce off the table, you might find that you and your wife have more reason to seek help with your problems and make this work. But even if your marriage never becomes what you thought it might be, it is worth it to stand by your words and maintain fidelity to the wife of your youth.

I get in more than my fair share of scrapes with other believers. I am a shepherd called by God to confront sheep that are on the wrong side of the barbed wire fence. I can so easily fail in my duty by not “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15Here is a primer on how to confront. In three words, humility, humility, humility.


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