March 9, 2012

Birthdays are like New Years Eve to me. They aren’t much fun. Here Amy Scott articulates why birthdays are better ignored. Pretty funny and Amen.

As you probably know, yesterday was “International Women’s Day.” Here is Mary Kassian’s take on the day. In the end she encourages women to be women and men to be men:

Men and women are equal, but different. I believe that we will see the dignity of women upheld when we embrace our God-given differences—not when we deny them. What we women need is to be women—to be the relaters, responders, mothers and nurturers that God created us to be. And we need you men to step up to the plate and be men—to be the providers, protectors and fathers that God created you to be. We need you to assume the responsibility of leadership in our homes and communities and to go to bat for women who are abused, downtrodden, oppressed, and forgotten. We don’t need women to be more like men—or men to be more like women. We need radical, counter-cultural men and women who dare to delight in God’s design.

This last one is too good to ignore. I was alerted to this by Wes. Do you believe in the Rapture, the gathering of God’s people at the beginning of the Tribulation? Who’s going to watch Fido and Frisky while you’re basking in the glow of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb? Why not pay an atheist to do it? Here, you can pay a mere $135 ($20 for each additional animal) for the peace of mind knowing that you won’t be neglecting your pet while you’re in Paradise. Don’t get mad at me for this; I simply couldn’t resist. Wait a minute … I don’t believe in the Dispensational Rapture either. I’ll take care of your vermin for $100.


2 Responses to “Destinations”

  1. I heard about the rapture-care back in October when people were waiting for the end of the world. Made me laugh.

  2. Mark Says:

    Makes me laugh too. I think I’ll update the post.

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