Consistently Pro-Life

March 7, 2012

I’m pro-life because God says don’t kill (1Peter 4:15). I’m pro-life because I appreciate the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12). I’m pro-life because God calls us to stand with and protect the powerless (James 1:27). Every 30 seconds in America a defenseless human baby is killed. As Abel’s blood cried out to God, Genesis 4:10, surely the blood of the baby who died while you read this post cries out as well.

If this is happening in our wonderful country, you can imagine what is happening in countries. I know conversations like this can seem overwhelming but there are small things that all of us can do. Here’s a link to a blog about a family who attempts to adopt Down Syndrome (I know, who would do that?) children from other parts of the world. Adopting from a foreign country is an expensive sport. Most all of us can spare $20 or whatever to help this family help the powerless.

Here is a video that Bonnie and Mikaila posted on their Facebook pages. It tells how we can all help protect human life in Uganda.

Let’s be consistently pro-life.



2 Responses to “Consistently Pro-Life”

  1. Denise Says:

    This is definetly a tragedy.As I watched though I couldn’t help but think of all the things that happen right here in the USA. In all the urban areas especially, the cities that have the projects and ghettos. A lot of people are forced into gangs and drug dealing. Sex trade and slavery right here. The education in these areas not good, job opportunities not there. These kids grow up with war right here on our streets and shot everyday. While we do need to reach out to other countries we need to reach out , pray for and most importantly be ready to share the gospel in all areas.

  2. Terri J Says:

    I just watched the Uganda video and reposted it on my FB page. It’s the least we can do~ Thanks for this blog, Mark.

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