February 22, 2012

Here’s an article highlighting how our government has changed it’s view on children.

I once heard Frederica Mathewes-Green say that every child born after 1973 was a “survivor.” That was the year that Roe v. Wade declared “open season” on the contents of the womb. But it appears the license to hunt Bambi was not enough. Now the government is making sure you have a rifle.

The Cult of Amazon Prime. Here is a very interesting piece about Amazon Prime. The author thinks we’re all heading in Prime’s direction.

How you think about consumption, commerce and your personal time is radically different depending on if you’ve join the cult — yet.

And to be clear, Prime is a cult you will be joining.

Here’s some wisdom from the Puritan John Owen about temptation:

A temptation, then, in general is anything that, for any reason, exerts a force or influence to seduce and draw the mind and heart of man from the obedience which God requires of him to any kind of sin.

In particular, it is a temptation if it causes a man to sin, gives him opportunity to do so, or causes him to neglect his duty. Temptation may suggest evil to the heart, or draw out the evil that is already there. It is also a temptation to a man if something is by any means able to distract him from his communion with God, or the consistent universal obedience that is required of him.

To clarify, I am considering temptation not just as the active force of seduction to sin, but also the thing itself by which we are tempted. Whatever it is, within us or without us, that hinders us from duty or provides an occasion for sin, this should be considered temptation. It could be business, employment, the course of one’s life, company affections, nature, corrupt, purposes, relations, delights, reputation, esteem, position, abilities, gifts, etc,, that provide the opportunity to sin or neglect duty. These are true temptations just as much as the most violent solicitations of Satan or allurements of the world. Whoever does not realize this is on the brink of ruin. –John Owen (Temptation, Banner of Truth), pp. 10-11

(HT: Erik Raymond)


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