For And Against Calvinism

February 6, 2012

You might be aware that recently Roger Olson wrote a book entitled “Against Calvinism.” Mike Horton wrote a companion volume called “For Calvinism.” The great thing is that recently they got together at my alma mater, Biola, and discussed the issue. Most of the conversation can be heard on a couple of White Horse Inn broadcasts (here and here). Whichever side of this great debate you might be on, it is worth listening to this conversation. I realize that everyone has presuppositions when he or she reads the Bible. The question to ask is which side most reflects, given that there are verses to support both positions, the truth of the Word.


3 Responses to “For And Against Calvinism”

  1. tjkids Says:

    We just listened to their conversation and enjoyed it very much. The only part that left me hanging was their ending comments that while they were friends and enjoyed getting together on occasion, neither of them would attend a church that the other pastored…must be nice to have choices.

  2. Markk Says:

    Yeah, but you got to live in a big town to have choices. You live in Eden where there are few choices.

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