Follow Up to the Previous Post

February 4, 2012

How do married couples make it 62 years? I always say that marriage is the second hardest thing we do in life after walking faithfully with God. Here’s an encouraging article about the struggle of marriage. Marriage is about commitment. It is about a commitment made to God and before witnesses, a commitment to another person for life, and a commitment to the potential fruit of the marriage bond. A commitment we keep by God’s grace. Hang in there.

Marriage is not about your personal happiness. That’s a myth. Marriage never is about happiness.

It is about a commitment, a commitment you make to each other and to God, so that you as one flesh can accomplish the things he’s set before you. And you have to fight to keep that commitment. You have to fight for your marriage, and you have to fight every day.

Marriage doesn’t get easier over time, but it gets less hard. Every married couple I know has had problems and considered divorce or separation or “freedom.” You will not solve your problems with divorce; you will likely make them worse for yourself and others. We are all vulnerable; no one has the market cornered on perfect, lasting marriages. We all struggle.

Keep struggling with us.


One Response to “Follow Up to the Previous Post”

  1. Marie Smith Says:

    Love that! So very true.

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