The 39th Anniversary

January 23, 2012

Over 50 million babies have been legally aborted in our beloved country since abortion was legalized on January 22, 1973. I don’t think genocide is too strong of a term to describe what has happened during my lifetime in my country. Granted, it is not a race that has been systematically eradicated; it is, however, human life that has been terminated. As I write this I struggle to keep my emotions in check so that I don’t use ad hominem arguments. I don’t want to use names or terms that will enflame people emotionally. Yet, this is an emotional issue. We have absolutely no moral ground to point our fingers at leaders and nations around the world who take human life when we do the same thing on a daily basis. Whenever genocide takes place moral arguments are used. So, here is a piece that explains how to defend a pro-life position in five minutes. Also, from Desiring God, here is a helpful article entitled “Eight Ways to Live as Pro-Life Christians Under a Pro-Choice President.” It is helpful because it addresses our dilemma as believers caught in a tragic, dark time.

Here’s a video I showed at youth group about month ago. I think Ray Comfort makes a vital comparison.

Here’s why I, as a private citizen, not as the Pastor of Bowman Community Church, appreciate Rick Santorum:


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