Marriage Miracle

January 17, 2012

From my vantage point as a pastor, I believe that one of the most difficult tasks a Christian wife struggles with is submission to her husband (likewise, husbands struggle to love their wives as Christ loved the church). Submission doesn’t come naturally; in fact, I believe the fallen principle within a wife drives her to battle for control. She might not verbally resist but she still might act in ways that are contrary to a husband’s leadership. Here’s the story of one wife who was able to finally see her nonsubmissive behavior.


3 Responses to “Marriage Miracle”

  1. tjkids Says:

    There’s not nearly enough pre-marital counseling or post-marital mentoring happening for either marriage partner–and even WITH counseling, this is a tough thing to learn to recognize in oneself. The lines get blurred between being a suitable helpmeet for our husbands and a nurturer, teacher, character-builder for our children–then throw in the effects of the curse and our desire to control our husbands and our gift for manipulation, and we have a recipe for destruction. May God grant us open eyes and tender hearts~

  2. Mark Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. There isn’t an easy answer. It’s hard to detect in one’s own life, and then a faulty husband makes it easy to keep pressing in the wrong direction.

  3. Terri J Says:

    Our expectations are huge contributors to the situation, as well. None of us truly expect the difficulties we find ourselves in; rather, we somehow think we’re going to evade them–no matter how well-warned we are. We’re just arrogant that way.

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