Tattoo Regrets

December 16, 2011

Thankfully I grew up in a generation where people that felt no compulsion to tat their bodies. Other than sailors or ex-cons, almost no one had tattoos. Have things ever changed. Now, one of the first signs of adulthood is a silly tattoo of some sort. It seems that kids want a tattoo but they really haven’t lived enough to know what they want their tattoo to say or represent. While I can’t make a biblical case that they are wrong, I certainly question the wisdom the rushes out and permanently defaces a body. Here’s a piece discussing the painful process of tattoo removal (“It feels like hot rubber bands snapping against your skin.”).

“I was only 18. It was a homemade tattoo done at a party,” says Lizeth Pleitez, 30, who quickly dries her eyes. Her voice is shaking. “I wasn’t thinking about what it meant, you know? Little did I know it meant something else — like people calling it a ‘tramp stamp.’ I’m a Pentecostal, and the body is a temple. And I felt really ashamed.”


One Response to “Tattoo Regrets”

  1. Jimmy Buffett said it best. Tattoos are a, “Permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.”

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