Tullian On Idolatry

November 28, 2011

In “Surprised By Grace” Tullian Tchividjian comments on idolatry:

Idolatry is trying to build our identity around something besides God. And this is not just a problem for non-Christians; it’s a problem for Christians too. Christians also are guilty of trusting in things smaller than God to give their lives meaning and significance. We look to our achievements, our reputation, our relationships, our strengths, our place in society, our stuff, our smarts, our good looks, and on and on it goes …

How about you? What is it that, if you were to lose it, would cause you to feel that life isn’t worth living? In other words, what are your idols? What do you trust in other than Jesus to gain acceptance and approval—to give your life meaning and to make life worth living? All of us try to stand on any of an endless catalog of God-replacements that will only end up sinking beneath us, incapable of providing the “solid rock” of meaning and validation that we crave.



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