Spiritual Disciplines

November 15, 2011

Spiritual disciplines is a hot topic in our Christian culture. I often have great concerns about the fad. At some future point I’ll discuss the issue in more depth. Here Don Carson tackles the issue with his usual wisdom. Here’s a quote:

such a way of thinking about spiritual disciplines subtly cajoles us into thinking that growth in spirituality is a function of nothing more than conformity to the demands of a lot of rules, of a lot of obedience. Certainly Christian maturity is not manifest where there is not obedience. Yet there is also a great deal of emphasis on growth in love, in trust, in understanding the ways of the living God, in the work of the Spirit in filling and empowering us.


One Response to “Spiritual Disciplines”

  1. Terri J Says:

    I love Carson! Certainly, if it were all about discipline, I’d be up the proverbial creek!

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