You Should Expect To Fight With Your Spouse

November 4, 2011

Stephen Altrogge says some good stuff here. Every now and then I run into a rare couple who says that they never conflict. I just don’t see how this is realistically possible (Either one person is absolutely voiceless, in which case the disaster is simply being postponed, or someone’s lying.). The gospel, being the good news that it is, enables us to overcome conflict. Here are a few lines from Altrogge’s piece.

Every married couple should expect fights and quarrels. Why? Because all of us have passions that are at war within us. There is an all out, no holds barred, low blows allowed, fight taking place within us. Our sin is at war within us.

And you know what? I find this knowledge to be incredibly helpful. It helps me understand why Jen and I have conflicts. It helps me understand why every married couple has conflicts. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t involve a long psychological investigation. The cause of all fights and quarrels is the sinful passions that are at war within us…

We should expect to argue and fight with our spouse. It’s what sinners do. And we should also expect to receive power from Jesus to overcome the arguments and fights. That’s what Jesus does.


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