In Case You Missed It …

October 25, 2011

Because of my usual hurried pace, I forgot to keep tabs on the Second Coming, of all things. Remember, Harold Camping, in his third revision, said that Jesus would return last Friday, October 21? It’s a good thing that Harold was wrong because on Friday I was trying to put a sermon together and had totally forgotten to pack my bags. I guess we’re back to no one knowing the day or the hour and the command to, “Stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.”


8 Responses to “In Case You Missed It …”

  1. Wendi Moore Says:

    Wow that would have been the best birthday present ever for Korina!

  2. TerriJ Says:

    Hmmm, I didn’t hear a thing about this prediction. Obviously, poor Mr. Camping isn’t drawing as much attention these days.

  3. Hannah Says:

    Teri, news travels slowly to Willow Creek.

  4. TerriJ Says:

    Too true, Hannah–unless you ask the kids. They think news travels far too fast in our small town!

  5. Marie Smith Says:

    Mark, remember the student I had that thought that dropping out of school, or even suicide would be the logical response to the world ending with Y2K? You helped me council and prepared a great chapel program targeting such. Sadly, I’ve had occasion to give similar pep talks to teens at different times since then. What could these “pastors” be thinking? Don’t they even think about the consequences of their irresponsibility?

  6. Mark Says:

    Great question, Marie. I think Camping was so sure he was correct (deluded) that he thought he was doing everyone a favor by making his “prediction” clear and public. It seems that he was so arrogant (probably overstating the case but I don’t know how else to view him) that he believed that he was the only one with the correct interpretation. This is always dangerous.

  7. Marie Smith Says:

    I would agree. Ultimately, I supposed it really does all come back to that pride issue

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