White conservatives are more likely to be climate change skeptics

October 12, 2011

This is fun. The Scientific American has an article about why white males are climate change skeptics. Do what you want with the findings. I, for one, do not deny that things are generally getting warmer. I simply question the source of the warming (e.g. natural sun variation) and the motivation of the environmental preachers. The whole warming scare seems to be making some white liberals rich. The best part of the article is the Comments section. Some gracious liberals have helped their conservative counterparts understand the real issue. They simply need more education:

I think the reason climate change denial is so high amongst conservative white males is because they are not as well educated as the liberal white male. Compare President Obama’s educational background with that of President Bush, where all this climate change denial started in 2000, and President bush would have the equivalent of a third grade education.  — James Davis

I think I’ll go back to school and get educated. Maybe then I’ll get it.


One Response to “White conservatives are more likely to be climate change skeptics”

  1. Marie Smith Says:

    And I’ll just bet that P. Obama’s scientific education could fit in a teaspoon, along with all the other politicians that are so fervent about man-caused global warming. The notion that a smorgasbord of liberal studies classes could make one more “educated” about science causes me heartburn.

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