Preaching assurance vs. preaching doubt

September 30, 2011

Should preachers call people to question their salvation or assure people of their salvation? Gene Veith gives his answer. I believe he’s right.

I have noticed that there are two kinds of preachers, especially when addressing young people: One kind tries to assure the listeners of their salvation in Christ, underscoring His grace and mercy and His atoning work on the Cross. The other kind tries to make the listeners question whether they are “really” Christians. (“Did you REALLY give your life to the Lord? Do you show the fruit of true faith? Does your life show evidence of true conversion? Maybe you need to commit your life to him again, just to be sure.”) Read on.


2 Responses to “Preaching assurance vs. preaching doubt”

  1. Terri J Says:

    Since the Scripture says that we can KNOW, but also admonishes us to examine ourselves, both must be taught. We CAN be sure that Jesus saves to the uttermost and also that it has nothing to do with any works or righteousness on our part; consequently, either assurance or doubt, based on how I feel about how I’m doing is going to be false–thanks be to God!

  2. Tracy Says:

    I know you DO believe this Mark and it is one of the many things I appreciate about your ministry.You have inspired me to reflect this attitude in my relationships with others. If someone believes they are saved why should they have to prove it to me and visa versa? That includes my children, my co-workers, my brothers, and the children in my ministry. Thank you for another lesson about grace.

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