September 28, 2011

Recant or die. An Iranian pastor may soon be executed for apostasy because he refuses to recant his Christian faith. Let’s pray for Pastor Nadarkhani.

The Trinity is important. Kevin DeYoung not only defends the doctrine but he tells us why it is important. This is worth reading.

“‘Why Can’t I Own Canadians?’ Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.” Mike Horton helps us understand how to glean direction from the Mosaic Law. This is a longer piece but well worth the time.

You might have heard that Amazon has a new lineup of Kindles. The model receiving the most press is the Kindle Fire that sells for a mere $199. It is a 7″ color tablet that runs Amazon’s own iteration of Google’s Android operating system. It is slightly smaller and a little thicker than the traditional Kindle. I’ve often thought that a 7″ display might be the sweet spot for tablets. Not too large but large enough to actually do some work. There are several significant drawbacks when compared to the iPad. There is no mic, no camera, and no bluetooth. Thus no free Internet calls, no Skype, and no wireless keyboard. That said, this new product might serve to drive the price of tablets down. By the way, the cheapest Kindle now sells for $79.


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