September 16, 2011

Once again Pat Robertson has stepped in it. Here’s Russell Moore’s helpful commentary.

Here’s a reminder of our need to be involved in one-on-one ministry with each other. We can all do this.

“The normal way in which people heard the word of God and fed upon it and drew encouragement to persevere and to grow was by hearing it from the lips of another believer, whether in their church gatherings or day by day.”

Spurgeon here reminds us that when it comes to Bible reading, less might be more. Just as we can choke down a burger without enjoying it, so we can read the Word without listening to it.

“For you might as well read the alphabet backwards and forwards, as read a chapter of Scripture, unless you meditate upon it, and seek to comprehend its meaning.”

Once again Redemption Hill is offering a free song. This time it’s “The Solid Rock” done in Redemption Hill style.


2 Responses to “Destinations”

  1. Teri Says:

    Good reading today! Still could use more commentary by the blogger.

  2. Mark Says:

    The blogger is a full two days behind (as usual).

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