Odds and Ends

September 13, 2011

First, our new prayer list is up.

Second, next Monday we’re going to take the roof off the Sunday school building. Joe Myhrberg is going to put on a new roof. That said, we’ll need 3 or 4 guys to be here bright and early on Monday to start the fun.

Third, the picnic this past Sunday was great fun. Thanks to the Dawsons for their hospitality, the Women’s Fellowship ladies who orchestrated the event, and finally, Ora, for putting together the talent show. I’m always amazed at just how much talent lurks in the congregation.

Here’s a humorous quote from Spurgeon challenging preachers not to preach too long:

I heard one say the other day that a certain preacher had no more gifts for the ministry than an oyster, and in my own judgment this was a slander on the oyster, for that worthy bivalve shows great discretion in his openings, and knows when to close. If some men were sentenced to hear their own sermons, it would be a righteous judgment upon them, and they would soon cry out with Cain, ‘My punishment is greater than I can bear.’ Let us not fall under the same condemnation. — Charles Spurgeon in Lectures to My Students










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