August 26, 2011

Once again here is a short post by Erik Raymond. He reminds us that contrary to the longings of our hearts, our fulfillment must come from God and not the things of this created world.

Our God gives us exactly what we need. This is precious truth that we need to rest in. There are times, however, when he gives us more than we need. Here is a snippet from Spurgeon’s life reminding us that God sometimes spoils us. (HT: The Blazing Center)

Here’s some timely wisdom from Mitchell Chase’s book, The Gospel Is For Christians:

Christians should reflect on how the horrors of sin have affected this world. When we see the devastation of earthquakes and hurricanes, these events should remind us that our sin is incomparably more heinous to God. This broken world is a testimony to the grievous consequences of our depravity and disobedience.

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