August 4, 2011

We as a family are still vacationing down in Burbank. My sister, Jennifer, obviously is a very gracious hostess to put up with us as long as she has.

I’m still working my way through the Gospel Coalition’s spring conference MP3s. Here’s one by Ray Ortlund that I’ve listened to twice. I’ll keep it on my iPod. What Ortlund says is valuable in that he helps his listeners understand how the gospel should look in their lives and in the church.

This month’s free audio book from Christian Audio is Hannah Coulter. I haven’t read this book but I hear good things about it.

I appreciate Mark Driscoll a lot. He’s fearless. Yet, like the rest of us, he ain’t perfect. Here’s a critique of his non-cessationist theology. I agree with what Frank Turk writes.

Don’t miss this (it is very helpful):


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