July 26, 2011

Thanks to gay marriage, the family of tomorrow is going to look very different from the family of yesterday and even today. Ministry challenges and opportunities will abound.

Salsa (dancing, not what goes on your chili relleno) and submission? Thabiti helps us see the connection between this type of dance and our marriages.

I’ll often tell my Christian brothers to “greet your bride for me.” This is intentional. I think it is important for a man to remember the woman he married (the wife of your youth, Pr 15:18-19). The idea is to remind them of the passionate love they had for their wives on the day they said, “I do.” In this post, Jared Wilson echoes the same thoughts.

It always astounds me that people put more stock in someone’s experience than God’s word. God has spoken. He’s promised heaven. Why shouldn’t that settle it? Don’t read this book. Read the Bible.

This is why we love Planned Parenthood. It seems that the name of the organization could be legally challenged. (HT: Take Your Vitamin Z)


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