July 19, 2011

Here’s a great, short piece by Ray Ortlund about a critical spirit. Here’s a quote:

When negativity about someone else pours out of our mouths, could we be exposing, without realizing it, our own evil?  If that irony dawns on us, we are ready to hear the gospel at a deeper level.

What is worldliness? I wanted to write my doctoral dissertation on the issue but my director advised against it saying that it was too difficult to define. Justin Taylor quotes David Wells’ description of worldliness. Here’s a rather helpful start:

that system of values, in any given age, which has at its center our fallen human perspective, which displaces God and his truth from the world, and which makes sin look normal and righteousness seem strange.

4 Things I’ve Learned about God through My Baby Who Was Born Blind.” This piece is a wonderful reminder of who our Father is.

I know God doesn’t have to, but I want so badly for baby Violet’s blindness to be a medium to display the POWER of God. I am hopeful that baby Violet’s disability will not be in vain.

It seems that Amazon is soon going to release a table like iPad. I bet it will be cheaper but will it be as snazzy. Also SimpleLight has come up with a great light for a Kindle. It runs off the Kindle battery. Cool.


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